EBBA17: More to follow

Last time we discussed the successful summer of five EBBA17 artists. But that doesn't mean that the summer of the other five wasn't as hot as the others' if even hotter.

Take French multi-culturalist JAIN for instance. Playing shows at Rock Werchter (BE) and Lollapalooza (USA) isn't a bad way to celebrate your summertime. Her single Makeba reached #1 in the Shazam top100 in India and was featured in international commercials for Levi's and Omoda. In June she released her latest hotshot single "Dynabeat".

As for Hinds, you could say they really got the summer feels. In August they released their single 'Caribbean Moon', a happy song with a summery feel. Besides this, they toured Spain and did some shows outside of their border.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi put his solo work on a halt and is now releasing new work as a duo called MAN DUO. MAN DUO released their debut album 'Orbit' in August this year.

Natalie La Rose caught the eye of Sony this summer and signed a new contract, switching from Republic Records.

Germany's "Lieblingsmensch" Namika is successfully touring Germany while this summer filled with European successes slowly comes to its end.