In 2004 English-language lyricist Simon Buret and composer Olivier Coursier met. Even though they musically clicked - they had written about twenty songs within one year - it wasn't until 2006 the world ever heard of this duo: Buret was busy trying to establish himself as an actor, while Coursier toured with the industrial metalband Mass Hysteria.

In 2006 the duo shot to fame when two of their songs where used on the soundtrack of Je Vais Bien, Ne T'en Fais Pas. They became an internet sensation, with their song U-Turn reaching number 1 in the French download charts within a month. Their debut album was released shortly after in 2007.

Their first album was a success. The album peaked at eighth place in France - with a first place in the download charts - fourth place in Belgium. Their first European tour took them to Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg, selling out sixteen of their shows. Their second album was released in the end of 2010.