Aura Dione

Danish singer/guitarist with a twist Aura Dione lives her inner child with colourful outfits, unconventional lyrics, playful music, and extravagant live shows.

Aura has been with various record companies in her teenage years, before she travelled the world and returned to Denmark to record her first album. 'Columbine' got rave reviews, reached the top of the local album charts, and spawned the number-1-single 'Song For Sophie'. Being compared to the likes of Feist, Gwen Stefani, Shania Twain or even Tracy Chapman, Aura mixes folk music with electronics, touches of country, pop and dub, as well as a large, sometimes odd instrumentation including toy-piano, strings, glockenspiel, flute, horns and banjo. However, if you think her arrangements are colourful, playful and hedonistic, you have not heard her lyrics yet.

And as all good art reflects the personality of its creator, Aura is just like her music: full of life, full of contradictions and open minded. She embraces other art forms like fashion and photography, designs her own clothes, is a dedicated shoe collector, and puts on what you could call quite a show: very minimalist and low-key, focussing on her singing and playing guitar, yet with lots of surprises. Definitely more than your everyday concert, and yet just a taste of Aura, an ambitious young woman that will take the world by storm.