Jonas Altberg a.k.a. Basshunter became an internet phenomenon with dance singles like Boten Anna and Vi Sitter I Ventrilo och Spelar DotA. Altberg began composing songs on his computer in 1999, and made these songs available for the general public on his website. Soon he had a loyal following, and he became a cult figure. It wasn't long before several clubs in and around Sweden began offering him jobs as a dj. The first official Basshunter album - The Bassmachine - was released on the internet by 2004. In no time Altberg found himself entertaining offers from big record labels. He eventually signed with Warner Bros in 2006 and got his first official - international - release with his album LOL <(^^,)>.

It didn't take long for LOL <(^^,)> to become a hit. The album peaked in the Top Five in Sweden (five), Finland (four) and Denmark (three), and its lead single Boten Anna shot to number one on the Swedish, Dutch and Danish charts. Even though the follow-up single, are-release of DotA, didn't do quite as well as the first single, it still managed to reach the Top Ten throughout Scandinavia.

Basshunter has proven to be an industrious dj. After his debut in 2006, he released his second and third album in respectively 2008 and 2009. He also had time to enter the British Celebrity Big Brother - where he finished as fourth - in 2010 and he recently toured the US and Canada. His new album is expected shortly.