Cinema Bizarre

With heavy guitars, melodic singing, a glam rock sound and a Goth like appearance Cinema Bizarre took to the stage in 2007. Their debut single Lovesong (They Kill Me) peaked at ninth place in the German charts, but also made an impact in Austria and France. Their debut album Final Attraction was released in 2007 and reached the top ten in Germany. Final Attraction also made it in the top fifty in Austria, France and Italy. It sold over 150.000 copies and thus reached a gold status.

In 2005, bandmembers Kiro, Strify and Yu met at the anime convention Animagic in Berlin. They soon became friends, and since they were all musicians, starting a band seemed only natural. The added Luminor and Shin to their band, adopted an edgy, gothic look that was inspired by the flamboyant Visual Kei scene in Japan and Cinema Bizarre was born.

In 2008, while on tour, Luminor quit the band due to medical reasons and was replaced by Romeo, a good friend of Yu. They released two albums in 2009: Toyz and Bang!, their US debut. By the start of 2010, the band announced to take a break. There are rumors however the band will be back by the start of 2011..