Dolores O'Riordan

As lead vocalist of The Cranberries, Doloros O'Riordan was one of the most visible females in '90s alternative rock. As a girl, the young O'Riordan found comfort in music, singing from an early age - as well as playing classical piano and harmonium - in church. In 1990 she auditioned for a band named Cranberry Saw Us, and was hired as their lead singer. The band soon changed its name to The Cranberries, and the rest is history.

When The Cranberries decided to break up in 2001, O'Riordan used this time to spent with her family. However, you can't stop a performer from performing. She first returned to the spotlight when featuring on an album of Zucchero, and released her solo album shortly thereafter. In 2007 she released the album Are You Listening?.

With Are You Listening? O'Riordan stays close to home. The album is a fine mix of rock songs and ballads, sung by one of the most recognizable voices on the scene. It is no wonder the album was well received, reaching the Top Twenty in seven European album charts. It must have felt good to be back in the spotlights: in 2009 she released her second solo album - No Bagage - and she is currently touring and recording with The Cranberries again.