In 2001 in Skive, Denmark, Dúné was founded. All seven band members went to the same school there, liked the same music and decided they should make their own. Their big breakthrough came in 2006 with their single Bloodlines, with a nomination for ´talent of the year´ at the annual music awards held by Danish radio station DR P3. The same year Dúné created their own record label New Gang Of Robots Rec. and signed a record deal with Iceberg Records and a license deal with Sony Music Europe.

In 2007 they released their debut album We Are In There, You Are Out Here. Dúné play a form of electro pop that is best described as a blend between 1980´s pop and 1970´s punk, which was very well received in Europe. Their debut album earned the band - among other - three Danish Music Awards and two GAFFA Awards. Furthermore they toured as support act for bands like Panic at the Disco, Muse and the Foo Fighters. They are also renowned for their spectacular and entertaining live performances.

After graduating High School in 2008 the band recorded their second studio album called Enter Metropolis, and in 2010 a movie which features the band was released. The movie, called Stages, was filmed over a period of two years, from the time the band graduated up to the release of Enter Metropolis, and features the band members private lives, girl- and boyfriends, conflicts and the band member first steps as fulltime rockstars!