With a string of hits and the clubs of Europe and the Middle East already at her feet, INNA is hot.

INNA (real name Alexandra) is a 23 years old girl from the Romanian Black Sea Coast. She knew where she was headed very early so she started voice coaching at the tender age of 8. But before plunging head first in international stardom, INNA made sure she's got some proper education thus she graduated the Economical Highschool and the Political Studies College. Schooling over, INNA met the three talented guys from Play&Win at the end of 2007 and decided to give music a real shot.

'HOT' smashed the music charts, shortly after its release. But even before media started to pick up the song, the promo already gained tens of thousands of views on youtube, quite a feat for an unknown Romanian artist. In a few short months INNA became a household name and her single received airplay in Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Greece, Belgium and the Netherlands. And the list goes on as the single is to be released worldwide.

In 2009 she won 4 of the 16 awards at the Romanian Music Awards, while more recently she won the 'Best Romanian Act' award at the MTV European Music Awards. New hits like 'LOVE', 'AMAZING' and the collaboration with Romanian DJ Bob Taylor titled 'Deja Vu' prove that INNA is here to stay.