Miguel Angel Muñoz

Miguel Angel Muñoz first stepped into the spotlights when he starred in the film El Palomo cojo. At the time he was nine years old. Throughout his youth he acted, both in films and television series. In 2002 he joined the hugely popular Spanish soap opera Un Paso Adelante as Roberto Arenales, for which he took dance classes. Together with other cast members he founded he band Upa Dance. The years to come, Upa Dance was subjected to many personnel changes, but Muñoz stayed.

In 2004, Muñoz decided it was time to go solo. His first single was Dirás que estoy loco, a song he already performed by his character Roberto Arenales. The song was ranked number one in Spain for eleven consecutive weeks in 2004. International success came when he released his single in Europe in 2006. His single Diras que estoy did well outside Spain as well, peaking at number two in France and three in Italy. His success eventually earned him a golden album in Italy.