Saint Lu

SAINT LU is like a hurricane with her powerful and rough voice straight from her guts: pure and real, outright and outspoken. Songs like 'Don't Miss Your Own Life' and 'Love Song' make the listener catch his breath and open his ears.

SAINT LU started singing when she was 8 and practiced singing since she was 14 in front of an audience, which was her best vocal coach. She formed her first band as a teenager and traveled around playing her own songs. It always was rock music that attracted her instinctively. After school she went to New York, where she worked on her new songs with musician friends. Back from the States SAINT LU enrolled in a drama school but shortly before her finals she found that her heart belongs to music. She put together a band and paid for a recording session in a studio.

After hearing her demo, Echo Award winner Patrik Mayer invited her to Berlin and together they made her debut album. No efforts were spared to make the most of SAINT LU's remarkable songs. Guitar virtuoso Peter Weihe (Eric Clapton, Chaka Khan, Rio Reiser) was invited to play, Marlon Browden (John Scofield, Vernon Reid, Norah Jones) played the drums, they visited Christian Lohr (Joss Stone) for keyboards in Munich and they went to the Abbey-Road-Studios in London to complete the arrangements, recording horns and strings conducted by Steve Sidwell (Seal, Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams).