The Baseballs


The Baseballs is a rock and roll band founded in Berlin in 2007. Three out-and-out rock'n'roll singers with pompadours and sideburns; incidentally meet in the tea kitchen of a typical heavy metal practice room complex in Berlin. They recognize each other as fellows by their identical hair-do-"jam" spontaneously and form a band whose debut albumdrops in several European countries shortly after.

They became popular with rock cover versions of modern hits such as "Umbrella" by Rihanna which became a hit in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway and got into the charts in all seven countries. Their debut album, Strike!, was produced by JMC Music and reached number 2 in album charts in Switzerland and The Netherlands and number 1 in Finland, Sweden and Norway. In bowling, if the first ball knocks down all ten pins, it is called a strike. Their succes album is therefore in all aspects a Strike!