United Kingdom

The Fratellis

The first time the world heard from The Fratellis was in March 2005, when they played their first gig in Glasgow. It didn't take them long to make an impression; that same year they were played on the radio for the first time, and drew the attention of Fallout Records. There they recorded their self-titled EP, which was well received by the critics; for instance, the New Musical Express called them 'the best new band in Britain'.

In September 2006 The Fratellis released their debut album Costello Music. The album was an immediate success in Britain, peaking at #2 in the UK album charts, and staying there for three weeks. Following the release of their album, The Fratellis went on a tour of the UK Festival circuit, playing amongst others at Glastonbury Festival.

Costello Music also had considerable success abroad. In other - mostly European - countries the album did well in the album charts, reaching the top 100 in France, Switzerland, Austria , New Zealand and the Netherlands. It is remarkable that, even though their single Flathead featured in an iPod commercial, they never really sparked an interest in the US.

In 2008 their second album, Here We Stand, was released, and this seems to be their last. Even Though the band has not officially split up, they are on an indefinite hiatus.