Zaz was the surprise winner of the final of the 3rd France Bleu/Réservoir Generation Talent Contest held at Paris in 2009. She conquered the audience with her powerful, hypersensitive, rather husky voice.

She also made a powerful impression on singer Raphaël, who decided to write three songs for her. Zaz recorded those songs on her very first album, released all over Europe and Canada in summer 2010. She performed endlessly on television and stage, appearing at the Montauban Alors Chante festival, on the famous Japanese festival Fuji rock, at the Kuala Lumpur French Art Festival in Malaysia, at the La Rochelle and Montreal Francofolies and at the Jazz Musette des Puces festival.

Zaz (her real name Isabelle Geffroy) was born in Tours in the early 80s. She studied at the CIAM (Musical Information and Activities Centre) in Bordeaux, where she first performed on stage. She perfected her talents in the blues genre and she found a measure of success with Latin-Rock band Don Diego. Zaz moved to Paris where she paid her dues in cabaret. If she was short of funds, she would charm passers-by on a Montmartre street corner. Truly a musical Renaissance woman, she assimilated a wide range of influences with unfailing flair, moving from jazz to blues, and French song to African, Andalusian and Latin genres, all with a joyful, poetic enthusiasm. She will sing anywhere, as long as she can express herself freely, in words that echo daily life with its sorrows and joys.